You've decided to build - great! Now what do you do?

1. What do you want?

Start thinking about what you would like in a home.  Write it down.  This will give you a clear picture of what your ideal home/floor plan will entail.

2. Start a collection.

Make notes on the flyers from open houses about the things that you like and do not like.  Look through magazines/internet and put the photos in your binder (make notes about what you liked).  A picture tells a thousand words.  When we sit down with the builder, he will know Exactly what you are wanting.

3. Where do you want to live?

Start thinking about what areas you would like to live in.  Drive through the neighborhood, look at the existing houses and vacant lots.  Ask me about the neighborhood covenants and price restrictions.

4. Think about financing.

Start thinking about how you will purchase the home.  What is your comfort level?  Talk with a bank. What can you get approved for? What type of loan are you eligible for?

5. Do you have a home to sell?

Will this affect the amount of loan you will qualify for? Will you need to sell your current home first?

6. Decide on a timeline.

When do you want to be in the house?  The actual building process will vary from builder to builder.  Time of year may also have an effect on your start date, etc.

7. Decide on the area you want to live.

I can then search available lots and we can get a better idea of how to lay out the floor plan on the specific lot.  Also, decide whether you will purchase the lot first, or have the builder purchase the lot and tie the cost into the home building package.  Some builders may not give you an option.

8. Sit down with the builder.

Once you have an idea of your lot, budget, floor plan and finishes – we will sit down with the builder and price out your home.

9. Building process begins.

At this point I will give you a building timeline so that you can see the process and a breakdown of the time involved each step of the way.


Call or text me at (402) 706.2901 if you have ANY questions. Or you can email me at Remember, I can show you any house or help you work with ANY builder.  I can also help you sell your existing home.  This can be a stressful and time consuming process but I am here to make it as smooth as possible.  That is my promise to you.


1. Pre-Construction 
• Lot selection
• Floor Plans and Specifications
• Subcontractor Bids and Agreements
• Financing
• Permits  (5 days to 2 weeks)

2. Foundation 
• Utilities
• Stake and Survey/Building Envelope
• Excavation
• Footings/Foundation
• Sub rough in Plumbing
• Inspections

3. Framing
• Thermal Envelope
• Rough in Plumbing
• Rough in Electrical
• Rough in HVAC
• Rough in Cable/Phone
• Inspections
4. Interior Work
• Insulation and Vapor Barrier
• Drywall
• Hardwood Floors
• Cabinets
• Trim
• Paint

5. Exterior Work
• Flat Concrete
• Gutters
• Caulking
• Paint
• Final Grade/Landscaping
• Sprinklers

6. Finishes
• Ceramic/Brick
• Bath Accessories
• Plumbing/Electric/HVAC
• Carpet
• Punch List
• Final Clean
• Inspections/Certificate of Occupancy


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