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What You Need in a Home Office

what you need in a home office essentials

If you’ve been working from home for the past couple months and had to create a makeshift workspace, thoughts about creating an actual home office might have ran through your head a few times. Here are a few features that you need in a home office to keep you comfortable, focused and motivated throughout the…

Touchless Kitchen Products

automatic touchless kitchen products

Contrary to popular belief, it’s the kitchen not the bathrooms that are the germiest places in our house. According to a study conducted by NSF International, coliform bacteria (a family of bacteria that includes salmonella and e. coli) was found on more areas in the kitchen than the bathroom. Although not everything in the kitchen…

4 Home Repairs to Make Before Selling

home repairs before selling increase house value

Staying home to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus may just give you the time you need to get around to those home repairs you have been putting off! If you’ve thought about selling but unsure which home improvements will be worth the money, then keep reading! 4 Home Repairs to Make Before Selling…