Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. There are endless types of plants to choose from and various ways to display each one, but here are a few of our favorite combinations.


1. Geometric pots

Find geometric pots or planters of various sizes and plant small succulents of different styles and colors in each one. Then group a few pots together on a window sill or shelf or use them individually to adorn a side table or center of the dining room table.

We love these ones from Cedar and Stone Garden on Etsy. These concrete geometric planters are perfect for a minimalist modern design.
geometric pot plant holders Cedar and Stone Garden
Photo by Cedar and Stone Garden

2. Long, hanging plants

Purchase a larger, draping plant-like eucalyptus, fern, or ivy and hang it from the ceiling using a macramé plant hanger or place it on a high shelf or ladder. These plants are perfect for the corner of your living room or room with a large, plain wall that is in need of a little pop of color. <br

Check out this one from CB2. This hand-braided macramé holder is perfect for any long, hanging plant. We love the free-flowing rope cords hanging from the bottom!
macrame plant holder cb2
Photo by CB2

3. Plant corner

Have a large corner in the dining or living room and need ideas on how to fill it? Consider turning it into a small plant sanctuary. Select plants of all different sizes, heights, colors, and styles and purchase either matching pots or a mix of designs. Consider the use of a stool or small table to create additional levels and strategically place each one in the corner.

Home Depot has a variety of plant holders, shelves and displays to create the perfect plant sanctuary. Take a look at the one below! Featuring multi-layers, this display can showcase many of your plants all in one place!
multi tier plant stand home depot
Photo by Home Depot

4. Air plants

Air plants are universal and can be included in DIY wall art, hung from the ceiling or on the wall inside geometric metal prisms, or placed inside beautiful glass terrariums alongside other plants and colorful rocks or sand.

Liven up your desk with these air plant holders! NowandZenTerraniums on Etsy has a variety of different air plant holders, but we are loving these crystal ones!
air plant crystal holder NowandZenTerraniums
Photo by NowandZenTerraniums
There are so many ways to decorate with plants.  From the type of plant to the holder you place it in to where you display it!  You can’t go wrong with fresh plants in the home but if you’re worried about keeping it alive, you can always opt for faux ones!  What’s your favorite way to decorate with plants?  Let us know in the comments!