Most buyers won’t even look at a property that seems overpriced. And they will want to know how long a property has been on the market. If the property has been sitting on the market for too long, buyers will suspect something might be wrong with it.

Before listing your home, your real estate agent will conduct a comparative marketing analysis or CMA.  A CMA estimates a home’s value based on the recent sales of similar homes in the neighborhood.  A few factors that are considered when finding a ‘similar home’ include the same style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage.

A comparative marketing analysis is very important when pricing a home to sell.  If your home is priced $20-30k above the average sold home in the area, it might sit on the market for awhile (unless you have some amazing features that the others don’t)!

Smart pricing can help your home sell faster by attracting buyers in the right price range.  I would be happy to provide you with a current home valuation (for free) that can help you set a realistic asking price and ensure you get top dollar when you sell!
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