If you’ve been working from home for the past couple months and had to create a makeshift workspace, thoughts about creating an actual home office might have ran through your head a few times.

Here are a few features that you need in a home office to keep you comfortable, focused and motivated throughout the day!


  • If possible, set-up your office near a window. Several studies have shown that natural light increases our productivity and significantly improves our overall health and wellness. Research conducted by Cornell University Professor Dr. Alan Hedge revealed that workers in daylight office environments reported a 51% decrease in the incidence of eyestrain, a 63% decrease in the incidence of headaches and a 56% reduction in drowsiness.


  • Did you know that art galleries prefer LED lighting over fluorescent lighting? It’s because the CRI (color rendering index) rating of LED lighting is much higher – the higher the CRI of a light source, the most accurate representation of the colors displayed under the light.

  • Compared to fluorescent lighting, LED lighting is also more energy-efficient, the light bulbs last much longer, and it’s proven to be much easier on the eyes which in turn could decrease headaches and eyestrain.


  • It may not seem very important now but after sitting on a kitchen chair after a few hours, you’ll realize how vital it is for you to sit comfortably as you work. Choosing the wrong office chair can also lead to bad posture and health issues.
  • When searching for good office chairs, many websites will recommend an ergonomic chair. Essentially, ergonomic chairs are ones that have multiple adjustable components. The lists vary but most include adjustable seat height, seat depth, arm support adjustment, and lumbar support. These types of chairs allow for ultimate comfort and flexibility so you’re able to stay focused and productive – all while keeping proper posture and promoting overall health.


  • Home offices can quickly become messy and disorganized. This is usually a good sign since that means you’re working hard – but don’t let your disorganization cause you stress and frustration. There’s nothing worse than trying to find something you know you just had but you can’t seem to locate it anymore in your stack of papers.
  • Keep your area free of clutter and organize your workspace. From a simple file or shelf organizer that sits on your desk, a filing cabinet that organizes multiple documents and projects, or a bookshelf that holds your binders and books – there’s many options to make it happen. If you’re working in small space – remember to build up and not out. You can add shelving or wall organizers to maximize your space.
  • Tips to stay organized: Use a labeling system to easily identify your folders, binders, drawers, etc. Whether you label it with a marker or keep things color coordinated – labeling will help you quickly pull or put away documents as you work. I also recommend cleaning up your desk at the end of every workday. Not only will it help you remember to lock up confidential papers, but you’ll feel much better to start your workday with a clean, organized space.
There’s a lot that can go into a home office (or a makeshift one) to keep you motivated, focused and productive throughout the day but the above list includes essential items that any workspace needs. Did the stay at home orders force you to work at home? Share any tips and tricks you incorporated into your home office in the comments below!
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