It is so tempting to use flowery language to sell your home to potential buyers. But did you know that there are certain words that actually hurt more than help when creating your ad?

The word gorgeous is thrown around a lot. It’s a common catchphrase that really doesn’t tell the buyer much about your property. And honestly, one look at the pictures you put online with your description will tell them all they need to know. explains it’s better to write “a listing description as if you were walking through the home yourself.”

Be careful with use of the word luxury as well as that also implies different things to different people. One person might consider having a pot filler and granite counter tops in the kitchen as being luxurious while another person might require a wine fridge and a warming drawer.

Another post advises stating the facts clearly. “The more detail the better: Instead of “new floors,” go with “new bamboo floors,” otherwise you risk leaving readers wondering if it’s laminate, for instance.”

Charming or cozy. These terms can be used effectively but you should take into consideration where you live before using them. In bigger cities where space is at a premium, these may not be the words you want to use to sell your place as they make people think cramped or small. However, in some place where sprawling lots abound, some people might like the idea of buying a charming cottage or a cozy condo.

As says, “The goal is to be very clear about why your property is an amazing opportunity and if it’s communicated the right way (and if your asking price is in-line), you can help a lot of people “connect-the-dots” and realize that your property is exactly what they need.”

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